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Pen Making

Brass N Stuff welcomes you to the popular world of pen making, if you are new to Pen or Pencil Making, we have the following basic requirements for you to get started:

  • Wood lathe : usually a hobby version, but larger lathes can be used as well.
  • Pen Mandrel : the pen mandrel includes bushes suited to most 7mm projects.
  • Pen Blanks : can be timber or Acrylic, or other products, need to be suited to the pen you are making.
  • Pen Kit : includes all the hardware required for your project.
  • Pen Assembly Jig : required to press the pen parts together.
  • Super Glue : suitable for gluing pen parts.
  • Drilling Jig : required to drill the centre hole through the blank.
  • Drll Bit : suitable size for the pen tubes you are drilling usually brad point drill.
  • Sanding & Finish : there are various methods and products available for both of these operation material used and personal taste will influence your choices here.

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